Warranty & FAQ

We do not assume responsibility for compensation for product damage caused by consumer negligence or for alterations due to improper laundering, or for quality issues of products beyond the warranty period (1 year).

Close the zippers and buttons before laundry. Be careful when you iron with a high temperature heat iron or strong steam, as the fabric may get damaged or the wick may be partially separated. Do not iron coatings, decoration, wrinkles, prints, rubbers, etc. If metal is included in such item, rust can occur due to moisture such as sweat and water. If you have skin allergies, be careful when wearing the product.

Veild Vanity products are produced to professional standards and in consideration of the product. Our proven and reliable design and manufacturing techniques ensure that we provide our clients with high quality garments that have excellent properties. Each item has a care label. We strongly recommend you to always follow the instructions on this label.

The warranty period for this product is one year from the date of purchase.